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James Hardie released the national rankings for their U.S. installers in the areas of sales volume, company growth and quality. Sideco is the clear leader in quality in the entire country. This was determined by evaluating the scores of all companies by their Guild Quality scores in three distinct catagories. These scores are the result of the direct response of all of the customers served by these companies.

Sideco will never be a leader in sales volume. We will never be a leader in corporate growth. Our goal is to be the very best, not the biggest. We have reached this goal, and have proven it! Our new goal is to maintain this honored position, one customer at a time.

Is this really a big deal? You bet it is, not only for us, but for our clients as well. Each and every homeowner that selects Sideco for their siding, windows, doors and decks can do so with the confidence of knowing that their home will benefit from the most skilled and highest ranked siding company in America. We won't ever be big. We won't ever grow significantly. But we are confident that we will, somehow, become even better.


Quality Rules...

There is no such thing as Good, Better and Best at Sideco. We offer only the best quality, all the time. That's why we do not install vinyl siding, ever! We install James Hardie siding, Marvin windows and TimberTech decks. We learned years ago that 'bargains' were rarely a good deal. We have thousands of satisfied customers that fully agree with us.

We prove it....

Everyone promises quality, we prove it! The GuildQuality Service Excellence Award is presented to the top 10 siding contractors in the nation based on actual customer satisfaction ratings. Sideco has earned this coveted award each of the last four years. We would never be satisfied with being second best. Period.

At Sideco, there is no sales department. We don't have any high-pressure salespeople because we don't have any salespeople at all. Every home is personally inspected by our owner, Jimmy Russell. He personally evaluates each home to insure the highest quality from beginnng to end. We feel that each and every client deserves nothing less. This is just the first of many differences you will notice & enjoy.

We're here for you...

Sideco has been in the same location for over 30 years. We're still standing behind our 30 year James Hardie warranty, even from our very first job. We have the same phone number. Most siding and remodeling companies that were doing business just five years ago are no longer in business. Aren't you glad you're not depending on any of them for your warranty coverage?

It's really our work

Every siding, window and door photograph on this site is our actual work. We did borrow a few deck photos from Timbertech®, not because their finished deck is better, but their photographs are much better than Jimmy can do; but then, he's never claimed to be a great photographer!

Best Of The Best TV

Sideco is proud to have been selected for this national award by Best of the Best Television.



Quality speaks for itself

When you do quality work, job after job, year after year people do notice. It takes a long time to build a great reputation, but Sideco was founded on the principle of doing only the highest quality work. As you can see in this video, our years of dedication have paid off.

                     Jimmy Russell

    Brent Sims   
project manager

                      Anthony Tippitt
                      project manager














A few words about our website

As you will no doubt notice, we have a very extensive site. We have gone to great effort to accurately inform you about our company, but more importantly, to provide you with all of the information you will need about siding, windows, doors, decks and more. We hope you will take the time to read about moisture management, insulation and fire resistance. These things are not glamourous, but they are essential elements. As much as we've tried to thoroughly cover all of these topics, it is impossible to predict all of the nuances that might be involved in each individual situation. Just call us or submit our form with your questions, we'll be happy to answer them completely.

"The entire experience was a pleasant one; all of the people involved were so polite, professional, and helpful. I have some familiarity with construction work, and it was a joy to see workers measuring and fitting so carefully. We now have the most beautiful siding in the neighborhood."

Ed H.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Are the testimonials real?

In a word: yes! Our testimonials (there are LOTS of them) don't come from our site. As one of the conditions for being a James Hardie Preferred Installer, we submit each and every job we complete to the Guild Quality organization which sends a satisfaction survey to every customer. All of the responses are posted on their site, we have no control over it. It is through these independent surveys that the Service Excellence Award winners are determined each year and awarded to the top ten contractors. We are very proud of the fact that we have won that award each of the last four years. You can read what our customer's have said on our testimonials page.